RC East to the Upper East Side

There we were no shit, no lie. At least nine of us huddled around in a semi- circle. Staring with unblinking eyes. Every syllable met with a stern shushing and always a late “Shut the fuck up!”  as our eyes drank in every bit of the situation laid out in front of us. The towering megaliths. The haughty derision and pretentiousness of the upper east side poured from the tv screen and into our tent teeming with sweat, and the smell of deodorant earning every penny of its price.

From 1,800 miles outside its target demographic, Gossip Girl has enthralled almost an entire squad of 2-87 Infantry Bravo Company 2nd platoon. The glitz, the glamour, the 1% and all the drama, trials and tribulations that come with it. Who will Gossip Girl out next, How can Chuck Bass possibly get any cooler? (outside his rapey-ness in the 1st season), Will Serena and Dan survive their vastly different socioeconomic backgrounds to find a love that can span the growing social strata of America? When will the American institution known as Nate Archibald get the respect he so rightly deserves as an offshoot of the Rockefellers? We’re watching this one till the wheels fall off boys.

We had all chosen our sides some of us backed the breathy and naive Serena, some backed Dan that plucky Brooklynite, we all backed Rufus (Dan’s father). Despite Band of Brothers not occupying the same universe as Gossip Girl, Rufus (played by Matthew Settle) reserved all his street cred from his actions as Captain Spiers the badass that ran through enemy lines when Easy Company took Foy (episode 7). Anytime his advances toward Lily VanDer Woodsen were spurned or any time anyone (including his children) disrespected him the tv would face the snarls of 9 of us (fresh from the ramshackle gym, protein shakes in hand) “He was in Bastogne! You don’t treat him that way! That man is a war hero!”.

As Jenny and Blair parried and thrusted back and forth at one another in the form of “leaked information” to the Anonymous-like Gossip Girl, our intrigue continues to grow, hooking us into this delightfully petty world of the upper East side and the Hamptons, a world we all had no concept of. We were enthralled.

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