Florence, Kentucky


This week found me yet again fixated on the animals of rural America. Perhaps they remind me of frontier animals that dot the Arizona landscape where I grew up. Regardless of why, being close to animals even common domesticated animals always leaves me in the most fantastic of moods.

img_3313img_3299 img_3303

I was driving down a winding country road when I spotted these three amigos frolicking throughout their enclosure. As they chased each other back and forth, I approached the fence and unfortunately interrupted their horse play (I couldn’t resist).


Nestled in the rolling hills of Northern Kentucky lies the oddly named Big Bone Lick State Park where a newly introduced herd of Bison are slowly making themselves at home in the area. It’s hard to believe these massive lumbering beasts once covered the American Midwest and frontier now synonymous with cattle. The youngest member of the herd was quite curious and insisted on getting a good look at me while I watched the herd.


This partially sunken ship in the Ohio River captivated my imagination for most of the day after I trekked through shin deep river muck to get close enough for a picture. It’s such an odd juxtaposition of such a dramatic scene from a time long ago yet a stone’s throw from the road of ordinary everyday life.




2 thoughts on “Florence, Kentucky

  1. Great Piece. Loved the sunken ship. If you get to Louisville be sure to eat at a place called Marks feed store. Best ribs I ever had. All the locals know it. Hope to see you in Az. one of these days.


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