Latitude 45° North


As I returned from the snowy Upper Peninsula of Michigan last week, I pulled off the highway after seeing an old rusty sign for a geographical marker. To my surprise, the marker delineated the theoretical halfway point between the Equator and the North Pole. Finding this small oxidized plaque set in stone off the shoulder of a country highway revived my desire to travel off the beaten path and explore the world around me especially on a whim.

Recently the intense desire to see something untouched has led me to beginning to plan a trip as far north as I can possibly get. Whether by car, truck or motorcycle, I want to find the very place where the road ends and nothing begins. I want to find and experience something even tangentially similar to what the explorers of yore once felt. Whether my final destination is Barrow, Alaska (The Northernmost city or point in The US) or Inuvik, NorthWestern Territories (The end of the Dempster Highway and the most northern settled point in Canada).

Some day soon I’ll be there, looking north at both the end of everything and the beginning of nothing. 



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