Evansville, Indiana

This week brought me to the southern tip of Indiana. In a logistically awkward way, my destination would keep me on mainly country highways and off of the monotonous concrete expressways that lace the United States together. Once out of the city and its sprawling outskirts, I was met with the expansive spaces synonymous with the Great Plains. As I headed south down US 41 the gradually building snow slowly and methodically dissipated until the landscape all the way to the horizons appeared shorn after the season’s harvest. Sporadically dotting the fields massive wind turbines spun against the sharp gusts of winter as if Alexander Calder himself had set them up as a sprawling statewide exhibit.


On my way to downtown Evansville, I stumbled across a serene wetland reserve just outside the city. The reserve’s wooden boardwalks made a great place to get some pictures of the remarkably calm waters and swaying tallgrass. After exploring the grounds, I came upon sections of the boardwalk submerged by either a sinking foundation or a rising swamp; I prefer to think the latter. It’s oddly satisfying to see nature taking something back from us even to such a minute degree.


On Tuesday I spotted an enormous truss railroad bridge spanning the the Ohio river connecting Indiana to Kentucky. While investigating the Indiana side of the bridge, I was able to find some really breathtaking photos. After furthering my investigation in the following days, I was unable to find a spot to get as close to the bridge as I’d liked.


Along the banks of the Ohio River as the biting wind assaulted at my face and hands, I was able to find some great views of the winding rivers as well as some fascinating sculptures documenting the town’s history and frontier heritage. In addition to the city’s focus on their own local narrative, the center of the river walk paid homage to the US bicentennial celebration of 1976 in a powerful and classic quartet of  roman pillars (each one respectively symbolizing: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from oppression and freedom from fear) encircled by the state seals of each of the fifty states.

waterworks4pillars handshake

In Evansville’s downtown area, I was supremely impressed by the city’s ability to repurpose historic buildings. I was able to get a great look into an old courthouse, now being used as office space and a delightfully retro greyhound bus depot now housing the city’s newest burger lab.


When I initially drove by the fence, they were laying down almost basking in the sun like thousand pound cats. After coming up empty handed on an abandoned railroad line, I decided to circle back and try to get some shots of these awkwardly majestic creatures. As I approached they lumbered to their feet but lucky for me, they were very interested in what I was doing. I was able to get some stunning pictures of 72 and her compatriots.

twocloser 72




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