Benton Harbor, Michigan

There on the eastern shoreline of Lake Michigan the sandy beaches meet the cold winter truth. The St. Joseph North Pier Lighthouse juts out over the water into the now icy and deep blue waters.

As the crisp autumn air slowly transitioned to winter’s harsh icy breath, the spray of the lake’s waves lapping against the pier slowly began to envelope the man made structure. Droplets became icicles, icicles grew together to form massive ice sheaths on ever surface, encompassing railings, pylons and buildings alike. I ventured out onto the pier thinking of the men that used to man this station. Imagining the the pure black nights they must have had out there not quite on land but not quite at sea. Hovering, suspended in such a precarious position for 12 hours at a time.

Though the cold stings any exposed skin and the wind whips with a certain fury, I couldn’t think of a more peaceful time to see the lighthouse. I didn’t see more than three other visitors, during the whole time I was here. Often times visiting places in a less than ideal season, only sheds new light on the landmarks while giving you the solace to take that extra fifteen minutes to line up that perfect shot or just to stand back and take in the scene for yourself.



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