Flint, Michigan

Ahh Flint. I called it home for three years before Ashlee and I moved to Chicago, but every time I return it continues to have that comforting sense of familiarity. I truly can’t do the vehicle city justice; only a Flint native can. For my favorite native’s opinion tap here.

Embarrassingly, this was my first trip to Stepping Stone Falls and though it was slightly out of season, it still made a great location to show you guys. I wanted to dedicate this trip to the beautiful things Flint has to offer and stray from the more popular (yet entirely accurate and dire) narrative. steppingstonefalls2 wrongsideofthefalls dam3The Flint Riverfront and its surrounding parks are really beautiful and demonstrate a great combination of natural spaces as well as man-made. The MC Escher inspired section of the riverfront always calls to me and I end up spending close to an hour exploring the twists, turns, corners, stairs, cuts and outlets showing the surrounding world in such distinct and peculiar ways. The harsh and drab concrete only adds to the mystery for me. escher2 escherstairway  tonowherebottom-of-a-wellStraying from my usual habits of wandering only during the day, I decided to get out and explore Flint and see if the darkness could show me something new in Flint. 475Flint Central High School & Whittier Junior High School were once the shining monuments of the Flint public school system, however unfortunately due to the maintenance required to preserve the buildings and declining enrollment rates these remarkable buildings go unused for the time being. Flint Central was built in 1923 and took part in shaping the young minds of thousands of young men and women for close to one hundred years. These twin educational institutes would lay the foundation for men and women who went on to become professional athletes, senators, artists and engineers known throughout the country. flintschoolsflint-central whittier

I will always pride myself on living in Flint for three years. It wasn’t during Flint’s best times but I genuinely feel it made me a stronger person.

The vehicle city will make you strong; there’s nothing you can do about it.



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