Grand Mere State Park, Michigan

Grand Mere State Park is a hidden gem, hidden in plain site literally right off highway 94.

grandwoodsgrandwoods2 The dense forests and swamps  lasts for only a hundred yards or so before opening up into an expansive and calm lake. Along the lake cranes wade through the muck and shallow water looking for food, while squirrels skitter from tree to tree hoarding supplies like the apocalypse enthusiasts on the Discovery Channel.

Following the winding path, the forest canopy opens up and the black dirt abruptly transforms into sandy dunes. These dunes shift with each gust of wind slowly intruding upon the forest inch by inch. They’ve got nothing but time.

dunedune2thewaybackbetweentwoshrubsPast the rolling hills of the dunes, annnnd I’ve got sand in my shoes.

goldblumdriftwoodAs the dunes flatten themselves out, the monotonous crash of waves slowly grows louder and louder. In the surf chunks of ice float aimlessly like jellyfish on a Florida beach. As the waves clamor for purchase ashore they are met and stopped in their tracks by the steadfast ice foot along the beach. As the waves attempt to crash through the wall of ice, they unknowingly add to their heft with each splash.



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