Fort Dodge & Storm Lake, Iowa

This week took me to the rolling hills of Iowa. The Hawkeye state. On an icy and cold early morning I headed up to John F. Kennedy Memorial Park just north of Fort Dodge. The park offers sprawling views of the region’s rolling hills and the lakes that dot the countryside throughout. With the weather wet, icy and cold the days prior, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful reflections of the trees and scenery in the standing waters where trails had led into the depths of the park.

After dragging myself out of bed a little earlier than usual later in the week, I was able to capture a gorgeous sunrise over the plains. The sun’s orange light poured down onto the plains and presenting me with the opportunity to take in my opinion, some of the best photos I have ever taken. With the grass still ensconced in the ice of the previous day, the sun’s rays provided so much more detail of their translucent qualities.

About two hours due west in Storm Lake, Iowa I was lucky enough to notice Frank Starr Park at the west end of Storm Lake. The sun had climbed into the sky quite a bit, however, I was able to get some great shots of the sun shining through the frozen limbs and branches of the trees providing an amazing shimmering quality. The idea of capturing a moment that looks so foreign and alien out of such mundane and familiar objects was enthralling.

While there are many gorgeous bridges spanning the rivers and lakes of the Midwest, often times I find myself seeking out the underside of the bridge for the most interesting viewpoints. The support structure not shown from above is undoubtedly the more important part of the bridge’s anatomy and yields unique perspectives to an otherwise overlooked object.
After a brief detour while trying to turn around, I spotted what I can only describe as forgotten treasure. These gorgeous and ancient beasts rested in the back corner of a tow yard slowly withering in the elements. These rusted hulks lie waiting to be restored to their former glory.



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